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Multi-Use Disposable Food Containers Cpet Packaging Tray

CPET plastic sheet is a also named crystalline polyethylene terephthalate,it’s the one of the safest food grade plastics.CPET plastic with excellent heat resistance, after blister molding, it can withstand temperatures from -30 degrees to 220 degrees.
  • Black CPET Tray D
  • HSQY
  • CPET-11
  • Blister processing, vacuum thermoforming, and die cutting
  • Black Or White
  • 162x104x35mm, 215x165x38mm and so on
  • Rectangle, square, round, dual
  • 300ml, 500ml, 800ml
  • Waterproof, Microwavable, Ovenable, Eco-friendly
  • For prepared foods, ready to eat meals, takeaway meals, frozen food, fresh food, Kosher meals, hot food, cold food
  • 50,000pieces
  • Accept
  • 30% T/T in advance,balance should be payment before shipment

CPET Food Tray Description

CPET tray is an advanced High-quality packaging material and environmentally friendly trays. It has high heat resistance ranging from -40℃ to +220℃.

It can be used with confidence in the refrigerator and in the oven and microwave oven. Now that airlines are already using CPET food trays as lunch meal boxes, this will be a trend in the food packaging industry in the future.

CPET food tray is used in the oven which is fit to meet international standards. If it is not sure of the temperature of the oven, you should test the temperature of the oven with a thermometer to make sure the temperature is intact.

Product Specifications

Product Name
Disposable Black White CPET Food Trays For Airline Meals
Multi-specification and custom made
Carton packing
Production Process

Blister processing, vacuum thermoforming, and die cutting

Can be used in ovens and microwave ovens, currently widely used in airline fast food, supermarket fast food, bread baking, cake embryo and other fast food packaging.

Product Features

Advantages of CPET food trays:

1. Suitable for temperatures (dual ovenable) between -40°C and 200°C

2. Waterproof and oilproof

3. Easy to open

4. Sealed CPET trays are 100% leakproof

5. Eco-friendly and recyclable

6. Prolonged shelf life

Product Application

CPET food trays for airlines 


CPET food trays for trains


CPET food trays for microwave oven


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