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Introduction of PVC Strip Curtain

PVC strip curtains are made of PVC soft film. The price of PVC strip curtains is cheaper than other plastic materials. PVC strip curtains have high transparency and good chemical performance. The common PVC strip curtain thickness is 2mm or 3mm, and the width range of PVC strip curtains is 200mm to 300mm.

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  • There are 4 PVC strip curtains production lines in our company, our daily capacity is 55 tons per day. We can make different types of strip curtains,such as clear PVC strip curtain,PVC curtains for cold room,blue PVC strip curtain,colourful strip curtain,welding pvc strip curtains,insect amber pvc strip curtains,anti static pvc strip curtains,magnetic curtains and strip curtains accessories.
    The surface of PVC strip curtains can be divided into smooth surfaces and ribbed surfaces.


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1. How many different types of PVC strip curtains?


There are many different types of PVC strip curtains, such as PVC paraffin door curtains, PVC DOP door curtains, and PVC mixed material door curtains. The surface of PVC strip curtains can be divided into smooth surfaces and ribbed surfaces.


2. What is the advantage of PVC strip curtains?


PVC strip curtains have different functions: such as cold preservation, heat preservation, energy saving, insect-proof, dustproof, windproof, moisturizing, fireproof, anti-static, anti-glare, anti-ultraviolet, sound insulation, and so on.


3. Where can you source PVC curtain products that meet your needs?


Huisu Qinye plastic group owns 4 PVC strip curtains production lines, our daily capacity is 55 tons per day. We have more than 20 years exporting and manufacturer experience, our goods are exported to all over the world. We can make different types of strip curtains, such as clear PVC strip curtains, PVC curtains for cold rooms, blue PVC strip curtains, colorful strip curtains, welding PVC strip curtains, insect amber PVC strip curtains, anti-static PVC strip curtains, magnetic curtains, and strip curtains accessories.

You can also source high quality PVC curtain products from other factories, such as,
Jiangsu Jincai Polymer Materials Science And Technology Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Jiujiu Material Technology Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Jumai New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
Yiwu Haida Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.


4. What is PVC Strip Curtain used for?


PVC strip curtains are commonly installed in warehousing and refrigeration applications to section off spaces and control temperatures, dust, humidity, and other environmental challenges. PVC strip curtains are commonly used in creating strip walls and are typically 8”, 12”, 16”, and 48”. PVC strip curtains can be suspended or hung directly off trusses, beams with threaded rods, or beam clamps.
PVC strip curtains increase sanitation, help maintain temperatures and reduce costly hydro. Tinted and Colored strip doors are also available for added privacy and reduced visibility. Anti Scratch Ribbed strip doors offer greater durability against forklifts and machines.
Low-temperature PVC strip curtains (also known as polar or freezer grade) for cold environments. The strips stay flexible and resist breaking and cracking in lower temperature applications. Freezer grade PVC strip curtains are also common in outdoor applications where temperatures drop below freezing.
Truck and trailer PVC strip curtains are typically manufactured from 8” strips with a 50% overlap. Clear, amber, and black strips are common for trucks and trailers. Freezer-grade strips are common for reefer trucks. Kits are usually mounted into the ceiling of the truck body.
Anti-static PVC strip curtains are common in clean rooms and Data Centers. Strips dissipate static build-up and prevent static discharge.
HSQY PLASTIC also sells PVC strip curtains for animals and animal barns. PVC strip curtains are commonly used as pet doors, as curtains for horses and horse stalls, barn doors, pet exhibit doorways, pet habitat enclosures, and passageways, amongst other livestock containment and protection applications. PVC strip curtains provide a wind barrier while blocking all the outside elements like rain and snow keeping animals warmer and more comfortable while still allowing easy passage. PVC strip curtains can be easily cleaned and are easy to maintain.
Common applications for strip doors include animal shelters, horse barns, and horse trailers, zoos, doggy daycare facilities, poultry and livestock facilities, hatcheries, and fish farms amongst many more. In most door applications for smaller animals, 8” wide strips are common with a standard 50% overlap while for larger animals in zoos, wider 12” wide strips have been supplied.


5. What are the advantages of PVC Strip Curtain?


(1) Strong and lightweight
(2) Easy to install
(3) Cost-effective
(4) Safe material
(5) Fire resistant


6. How does PVC Strip Curtain perform?


Like all other organic materials used in buildings, including other plastics, wood, textiles, etc., PVC products will burn when exposed to a fire. PVC products, however, are self-extinguishing, i.e. if the ignition source is withdrawn they will stop burning. Because of its high chlorine content PVC products have fire safety characteristics, which are quite favorable. they are difficult to ignite, heat production is comparatively low and they tend to char rather than generate flaming droplets.


7. What are the size range and availability of PVC strip curtains?


The conventional sizes of PVC strip curtains are mainly 200mm*2mm*50m and 300mm*3mm*50m.
The types of PVC strip curtains mainly include ordinary smooth PVC strip curtains, insect-proof PVC strip curtains, double-sided PVC strip curtains, double-sided insect-proof PVC strip curtains, and smooth low-temperature PVC strip curtains, double-sided low-temperature PVC strip curtains, etc.


8. Is there a summary of the PVC strip curtain?


There are also many different types of PVC strip curtains, such as PVC paraffin door curtains, PVC DOP door curtains, and PVC mixed material door curtains. The surface of PVC curtains can be divided into smooth surfaces and ribbed surfaces.


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