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Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is a thermoplastic material and one of the most widely used processable plastics in the world. They are usually processed by two mechanical methods, namely calendaring and extrusion. PVC films have excellent clarity and surface and can be made more flexible and soft by adding plasticizers.

HSQY Plastic is a leading manufacturer of PVC films. We offer rigid PVC films and flexible PVC films in a variety of colors, embosses, and sizes for you to choose from. At HSQY, we specialize in providing high-quality clear PVC films and opaque PVC films in any specification that our customers require and are set to professional industry standards. HSQY Plastic has manufactured PVC films for a variety of applications.

PVC Films Series

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  • Changzhou Huisu Qinye Plastic Group is a leading manufacturer and exporter with over 20 years of experience in the plastics industry. HSQY Plastic has invested and cooperated with more than 12 factories and has more than 40 production lines for plastic products. HSQY Plastic provides different types of PVC films, such as rigid PVC film, transparent PVC film, translucent special PVC film, PVC packaging film, flexible PVC film, etc. We also provide cut-to-size services and processing services, if you need these services, please contact us.

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We provide customized solutions and free PVC sheet samples to all our customers.
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As a China PVC sheet manufacturer and supplier, we can always provide you with competitive prices.
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With over 20 years of manufacturing and exporting experience, we can ensure the goods are delivered to you on time.
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We have complete quality control from raw materials to products, including various product tests and certificates for PVC sheets.

About PVC Film

PVC film is a soft, flexible material with an appearance ranging from transparent to opaque. PVC film can be used in the production of packaging textiles, hardware tools, travel supplies, stationery, etc. It can also be used to make raincoats, umbrellas, car body advertisements, etc.

Custom PVC Soft Film 

The general production line consists of a winder, a printing machine, a back coating machine, and a slitting machine. Through direct stirring or the winder and slitting machine, the drum rotates and is wound to a certain thickness at high temperature to produce PVC soft film.

PVC Film Advantages

Characteristics of PVC soft film:
High clarity
Good dimensional stability
Easily die-cut
Printable with conventional screen and offset printing methods
Melt point of about 158 degrees F./70 degrees C.
Available in Clear and Matte
Many custom production options: Colors, Finishes, etc.
Available in a wide range of thicknesses



If you need any processing service such as cut-to-size and diamond polish service,you can also contact with us.
5-10 Days
10-15 Days
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1. What is PVC film?

Polyvinyl chloride is considered a thermoplastic material that can be highly manipulated by applying heat, making it ideal for a variety of manufacturing applications. PVC has a high hardness structure but can be made more flexible and soft by adding plasticizers.
HSQY Plastic specializes in offering high-quality clear PVC film and opaque PVC film to any specifications that our clients desire, set to professional industry standards. We have manufactured PVC flexible vinyl films for a variety of applications.


2. What are the advantages of PVC film?

(1) Strong and lightweight
The wear resistance, light weight, good mechanical strength, and toughness of PVC film are its key technical advantages in building construction applications.

(2) Easy to install
PVC film can be easily cut, formed, welded and connected into various styles. Its characteristics reduce the difficulty of manual operation.

(3) Cost-effective
For decades, PVC film has been one of the most popular materials for construction applications due to its excellent physical and technical properties and its high cost-performance ratio. As a material, it is very competitive in terms of price, and its durability, long service life and low maintenance costs also enhance this value.

(4) Non-toxic
PVC film is a safe material and a socially valuable resource that has been used for over 50 years. It meets all international safety and health standards for products and applications.

(5) Fire-resistant
Like all other organic materials used in buildings, including other plastics, wood, textiles, etc. PVC products will burn when exposed to a fire. PVC products are self-extinguishing, they will stop burning if the ignition source is withdrawn. Because of their high chlorine content, PVC products have fire safety characteristics, which are quite favorable. they are difficult to ignite, and heat production is comparatively low.

(6) Versatile
The physical properties of PVC allow designers a high degree of freedom when designing new products and developing solutions using PVC as a replacement or renovation material.


3. What are the application of PVC film?

PVC soft film is a form of PVC used widely in industrial applications, such as:
(1) Waterproof Enclosures and Products
The exceptional durability and water resistance of PVC film makes it an excellent material for outdoor and indoor waterproof enclosures and products, such as canopies, tents, and shower curtains.
(2) Furniture and Supply Covers
PVC film is an excellent product for the fabrication of furniture covers and protective products such as food delivery bags and imitation leather. Covers and products made with PVC film are weatherproof, easy to maintain, and can be laminated for additional protection.
(3) Windows and Siding
PVC’s insulating and heat-resistant properties, coupled with its durability, make PVC film an ideal option for use in window covers and siding.
(4) Packaging Materials
For example, flexible film can be used to create tamper-resistant seals for products such as consumer goods, food and beverages, and pharmaceuticals.


5. How does PVC Film perform?

The performance is stable and can be used many times. In other words, PVC soft film is environmentally friendly.


6. What is PVC Film used for?

1. PVC film can adapt to various blister processes;
2. It can adapt to the lamination of various flat surfaces and curved angles;
3. It can be made into smooth surface, printed surface, wood grain surface, frosted surface, etc.


7. What are the machining characteristics of PVC Film?

PVC film is easy to shape and has good industrial properties.


8. What are the unique characteristics of PVC Film?

Waterproof, transparent, and lightweight.


9. What is the size range and availability of PVC Film?

The thickness of PVC film ranges from 0.05-5.0mm, the width can be manufactured within 2m, and the weight range of PVC film roll packaging is 10-60kg.


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