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What is PVC foam board and how is it used for?

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PVC foam board is a new lightweight plastic material, with PVC as the main raw material. PVC foam board is made by special foaming processes, such as free foam or celuka. PVC foam board is moisture-proof, refractory (self-extinguishing), invariable, non-toxic, anti-aging ability. Meanwhile, it has excellent corrosion resistance,  weather resistance, anti-corrosion, waterproof, sound insulation, heat preservation, insulation, and other outstanding advantages. According to the customer's requirements, our factory can be prepared with a variety of colors. The service life of PVC foam board is as high as 40-50 years, and the specific gravity is about 0.55 ~ 0.7.  

Characteristics of PVC foam board  

1. Waterproof, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistance, moth-proof, lightweight, heat preservation, sound insulation, shock absorption, and so on.

2. PVC foam board is an ideal substitute for wood, aluminum, and composite board.

3. PVC foam board has the properties of moistureproof, mildewproof, and non-water absorption.

4. The surface of PVC foam board is very smooth - high hardness, not easy to scratch. PVC foam board is often used for making cabinets, furniture, etc.  

5. PVC foam board is light in texture, convenient in storage, transportation, and construction.

6. PVC foam board series of products are made of weather resistance formula. The color of PVC foam board can be durable, not easy to age.

7. PVC foam board can be constructed using general wood battery car processing tools. PVC foam board can be drilled, sawed, nailed, planed, glued and other processing like wood.

8.  PVC foam board can be welded according to general welding procedures, and can also be bonded with other PVC materials.

9. PVC foam board can be used for thermal forming, heating bending, and folding processing.

The processing of PVC foam board

The processing of PVC foamed board is very convenient, can be sawed like wood, planing, drilling, nail, hole, screw, bonding, but also like general plastic products in that way, bonding, welding, hot bending, and other processing.  This makes its application range is very extensive, can replace lumber, plywood, particleboard completely to be used on all sorts of occasions, it is a kind of new-style decoration that accords with international standards to decorate adornment material.  

The use of PVC foam board  


PVC foam board is widely used in different fields.

1. Advertising: Material used for brightly colored advertising signs, lightboxes, display boards, lettering, etc.  

2. Decoration industry: used as fadeless door head, wall material.  

3. Construction industry: used as flame retardant, heat preservation door body, partition material.  

4. Furniture processing industry: used as waterproof, fireproof office furniture, kitchen furniture toilet facilities materials.  

5. Vehicle and boat manufacturing: used as lightweight flame retardant interior materials.  

6. Chemical industry: use this as anticorrosive material.



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