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How to improve cold resistance of PVC soft film

Views: 22     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-18      Origin: Site

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As an important formula component of PVC soft products, plasticizer has a great influence on the performance of PVC soft products. If PVC soft products (PVC cold storage door curtains) are required to be used at low temperatures, plasticizers with good temperature resistance must be selected. Currently used as cold-resistant plasticizers are mainly fatty acid dibasic esters, phthalic acid esters of linear alcohols, fatty acid esters of dihydric alcohols, and epoxy fatty acid monoesters.PVC-soft-film-strip-curtain

As we all know, whether it is PVC plastic hoses or PVC soft products such as PVC door curtains, they will become hard in winter. The number of plasticizers should be appropriately increased, and cold-resistant plasticizers can also be added appropriately. DOA (dioctyl adipate), DIDA (dodecyl adipate), DOZ (dioctyl azelate), DOS (dioctyl sebacate) are representative cold-resistant plasticizers Variety. Since the compatibility of general cold-resistant plasticizers with PVC is not very good, in fact, it can only be used as an auxiliary plasticizer to improve cold resistance, and its dosage is usually 5~20% of the main plasticizer.

The study pointed out that the combination of cold-resistant plasticizer and hexamethyl phosphoric triamide can improve the cold-resistant toughness and low-temperature elongation of PVC soft film. Although hexamethyl phosphoric triamide itself is not a cold-resistant plasticizer, it can effectively reduce the freezing point of various plasticizers and achieve the purpose of strengthening the cold-resistant effect of PVC soft film.

At the same time, we should also consider the influence of processing temperature, cooling temperature, and other factors on the cold resistance of PVC, and then combine with a good formula design to make corresponding adjustments in time when the temperature drops greatly.

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