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HSQY 8.7x5.9x1.6 Inch Rectangle Black PP Plastic Meat Tray

PP plastic meat trays have become a popular choice in the industry for packaging vegetables, fresh meat, fish, and poultry.
  • HSQY

  • Black, white, clear, color

  • HS22154

  • 220x150x40mm, 220x150x50mm, 220x150x60mm

  • 600


HSQY PP Plastic Meat Trays


PP plastic meat trays have become a popular choice in the industry for packaging vegetables, fresh meat, fish, and poultry. These trays offer many benefits that ensure hygiene, extend shelf life, and enhance product presentation. HSQY offers you a choice of fresh meat packaging solutions while also offering custom design options and sizes.



220*150*40mm, 220*150*50mm, 220*150*60mm, customized

Compartment 1, customized
Material Polypropylene plastic
Color Black, white, clear, color, customized


> Hygiene and Food Safety

PP plastic meat trays provide a hygienic and safe packaging solution for perishable products. They are designed to preserve the integrity of meat, fish, or poultry, prevent contamination, and preserve its quality. These trays block bacteria, moisture, and oxygen, reducing the risk of spoilage and foodborne illness.

> Extended Shelf Life

By using PP plastic meat trays, suppliers and retailers can extend the shelf life of fresh meat, fish, and poultry. The tray has excellent oxygen and moisture barrier properties, helping to slow down the spoilage process. This ensures products reach consumers in optimal condition, reducing waste and increasing customer satisfaction.

> Enhanced Product Display

PP plastic meat trays are visually appealing and enhance the appearance of your product. Trays are available in a variety of colors and designs for an attractive, eye-catching display. The clear films also allow customers to view the contents, increasing their confidence in the freshness and quality of the packaged meat.


1. Are PP plastic meat trays microwave-safe?

No, PP meat trays are not suitable for microwave use. They are designed for packaging and refrigeration purposes only.

2. Can PP plastic meat trays be reused?

While PP plastic meat trays can be reusable, it is important to consider hygiene and safety. Thorough cleaning and sanitization are necessary before reusing the trays.

3. How long can meat stay fresh in a PP plastic tray?

The shelf life of meat in a PP plastic tray depends on various factors, including the type of meat, storage temperature, and handling practices. It is advisable to follow the recommended guidelines and consume the meat within the designated period.

4. Are PP meat trays cost-effective?

PP plastic meat trays are generally cost-effective due to their durability, efficiency, and recyclability. They offer a balance between functionality and affordability for businesses in the food industry.

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