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Changzhou Huisu Qinye Plastic has been a mature and trustworthy supplier for more than 15 years, we are mainly engaged in the production and supply of plastic products, with about 100 workers and a 30,000 square meter workshop. You can find a wide variety of body bags in our catalog to suit your sourcing needs. Our range of body bags is available in various materials such as PEVA, PVC, PP non-woven, PP woven, PE woven, 210D polyester, and more.
Such body bag products are fully customizable, OEM and ODM are available. Body bags can be used in different settings including hospitals, funerals, emergencies, and morgues. There are a wide variety of body bag products with stable quality. At the same time, the services we provide - reasonable price and prompt delivery are deeply recognized and trusted by users. Our body bags of any material are reusable and environmentally friendly.


If you need any processing service such as cut-to-size and diamond polish service,you can also contact with us.
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1.What is a body bag?


A body bag, also known as a cadaver bag, mortuary bag, cadaver bag or human remains pouch, is used for the storage and transportation of dead body bag



2.What material is the body bag made of?


Generally speaking, the material of Dead body bag is PEVA, PVC, PP woven, Non-woven or other heavy duty fabrics.



3.Can I customize the size and style of the dead body bag?


All sizes of human remains body bag can be customized. If you have special requirements of dead body bag for adults, children or animals, we could meet with your ideas. It is worth mentioning that the MOQ is 2000 pieces.



4.How to carry dead body with the product?


Most have some form of carrying handles, usually webbing or die cut, at each corner and along the edges.



5.What is PEVA material?


PEVA is a non-chlorinated vinyl that is often used widely in many areas.



6.What are the advantages of PEVA body bags?


PEVA body bag or PEVA corpse bag is one of most hot selling products in our company. Crematoriums and funerals use our PEVA cadaver bags because they are chlorine free, burnable and biodegradable. If this kind of dead body bag is discarded or burned, it will not harmful to the environmental.



7.What is the scope of application of the body bag?


The body bag is made of oxford cloth, Chun Yafang, non-woven fabric, nylon cloth, PVC waterproof cloth, OPP, PVA, LLDP, etc. It has the characteristics of convenient carrying, high bearing strength, good sealing and anti-leakage. The use of the body bag is to respect the deceased, the body bag is also an essential shipping tool for funeral homes, hospitals, fire, public security and other units.



8.What is the application range of the body bag?


The application range of the body bag is very wide:
(1) Public crowds with crowds, such as subways, are equipped with body bags, which are respected by the deceased, and secondly for the spread of various infectious diseases;
(2) the body bag is purchased by the peacekeeping force in large quantities; like the battlefield and other places need to reserve at any time;
(3) In areas where infectious diseases are sudden, a large number of body bags are also needed to prevent the spread of diseases;
(4) In the hardest hit areas such as earthquakes, in order to be able to quickly deal with corpses, a large number of body bags are also needed;



9.How to use the body bag to handle the body?


The body is cleaned, has no exudate, has a good posture, maintains a good appearance, and is easily identifiable.
The steps of corpse cooking
(1) The doctor will announce the death of the patient and promptly carry out the body cooking.
(2) Explain to the family and advise them to leave the ward.
(3) Carry the two cadaver cards and corpse cooking materials to the bedside.
(4) The operator wears gloves.
(5) Remove items from the bed, such as pillows and quilts.
(6) Take off the clothes and pants of the deceased.
(7) Flatten the body, supine, head straight, keep your body straight.
(8) remove a variety of therapeutic uses, such as infusion tubes, stomach tubes, catheters and various drainage tubes.

  • Flush the contents before pulling out the pipe;
  • After the drainage tube is pulled out, the wound is sutured and covered with gauze;
  • There is a wound to be given a replacement dressing;
  • Wipe the traces of the tape with gasoline.

(9) Block the hole:

  • The grasping material clamp gauze blocks the oropharynx;
  • The quilted ball blocks the double nostrils, both ears, and the vagina;
  • Finally, the gauze is clogged to block the anus, and the blockage should not be exposed.

(10) Close the eyes of the deceased. If the eyes can't be closed, gently lift the upper eyelids and place the soaked cotton in the eyelids to make it sag.
(11) Combing the hair for the deceased.
(12) Use a clean water towel to scrub from the face, upper limbs, chest, abdomen, back, buttocks, and lower extremities.
(13) Put a new sick suit on the deceased, take a bandage and tie the wrists on both sides and fix them on both sides of the body. Go to the other side of the bandage to fix the legs and the bandages to the side.
(14) Take a corpse card and keep it in your chest.
(15) Fix the corpse bag from the hood and fix the other corpse card at the outermost side.
(16) Place the body at the designated location.
(17) Indoor terminal disinfection, bed, bedside table, chair, wall, floor with 0.2% peracetic acid solution or 0.1% effective chlorine solution wipe disinfection, UV air disinfection for 30min.



10.What requirements are commonly mentioned when people purchase body bags?


(1) The uniform-made wrap bag is preferred.
(2) It is possible to use the bedding used in the life of the deceased for the local conditions.
(3) When the body is highly decomposed, cotton fabric is added to the body bag to absorb the liquid, and the bleaching powder or other disinfecting deodorant is appropriately sprayed.
(4) The package of the corpse should be as tight as possible.
(5) For the general corpse with mild rot, no disinfection and deodorization treatment is required. In order to reduce the odor of the surrounding environment, the deodorant can be properly sprayed in the environment around the corpse.



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