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  • Huisu Qinye Plastic Group has a number of PET and acrylic sheet production lines. We currently offer clear plastic sneeze shields to help you practice social distancing and avoid physical contact while protecting against splashes and sprays. Plexiglass shields, sneeze guards, acrylic sneeze guards, and over-the-counter sneeze guards are just the products in hot demand during the darkest times caused by COVID-19. You can choose the sizes we offer or contact us for a custom sneeze guard in almost any size or with any accessory. We will meet all your needs within the agreed time.


If you need any processing service such as cut-to-size and diamond polish service,you can also contact with us.
5-10 Days
<1000 pcs
10-15 Days
1000~10000 pcs
15-20 Days
10000+ pcs
>20 Days
10000+ pcs





1. Social distancing with plastic sneeze guards, so what is social distancing?


Social distancing, also called “physical distancing”, means keeping a safe space between yourself and other people who are not from your household. To practice social or physical distancing, stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arm lengths) from other people who are not from your household in both indoor and outdoor spaces



2. What is a plastic sneeze guard?


A sneeze guard or sneezeguard is an PET or acrylic (plexiglass) or glass screen designed to protect food or people from the exposure to respiratory droplets, which are dispensed when coughing, sneezing or even talking. Sneeze guards have been in use in restaurants for decades.



3. What are the shipping times for your plastic sneeze guards, plexiglass shields, and retail barriers?


After contract confirmed, we need 10~15 days for production and well packed. We can deliver it to your nearest port under CIF term or to your address directly by DDP term by sea or by air. 



4. Where are your plastic sneeze guards, plexiglass shields, and retail barriers manufactured?


All of our sneeze guards, plexiglass shields, and retail barriers are made in the China and manufactured in-house at our facility in Changzhou, Jiangsu.



5. What material are used for your plastic sneeze guards, plexiglass shields, and retail barriers?


Changzhou Huisu Qinye plastic group uses high-quality PET sheet or acrylic/plexiglass for sneeze guards, plexiglass shields, and retail barriers.
Acrylic is half the weight of glass but 10 times more impact-resistant, making it ideal for this application.
PET sheet cost only 60% of acrylic/plexiglass, but have 86% of acrylic’s transparency. It is also popular material these days as it's cost-effective.


6. Can you make plastic sneeze guards, plexiglass shields, and retail barriers in custom sizes?


Changzhou Huisu Qinye plastic group can manufacture sneeze guards, desk shield and student desk dividers in custom sizes. Our in-house manufacturing allows for a variety of choices such as mounting features and custom printing. Please contact us for more details.


7. Do you have the capacity to accommodate large orders and rollouts of plastic sneeze guards?


Changzhou Huisu Qinye plastic group can accommodate any size order. We have extensive experience handling large orders and multi-store rollouts. Only last years alone we have exported 150+ containers of desk plastic shields.  


9.What type of plastic sneeze guards should I use for my desktop?


Clear acrylic partitions are ideal for countertops and tabletops.

Transparent Acrylic U-Shaped Shielding Barrier

It is available in three heights: 28", 35.5" and 47.5" and a variety of different widths. The 35.5" and 47.5" tall clear acrylic barrier tabletop shields feature side brackets that are attached using flexible living hinges. The angle of the brackets Can be adjusted to provide more coverage options.
For standard shield models, the gap size can be adjusted to provide a 6" opening by moving the main panel. For guards with the manhole option, the manhole opening measures 4" high x 10" wide for easy replacement of payments and goods.

Countertop Clear Acrylic L-Shaped Shielding Barrier

Our Countertop Clear Acrylic L-Shaped Shielding Barriers are perfect for keeping your desk clean and providing physical isolation. It features a freestanding tabletop design that requires no permanent installation and is easy to reposition. You can place two shields together to create a U-shaped barrier for increased coverage. We offer countertop clear acrylic L-shaped shielding barriers in 18" and 29.5" heights.

Countertop Clear Acrylic Splash Guard Sneeze Guard

Our Countertop Clear Acrylic Splash Guard Sneeze Guard is designed to help shield and prevent sprays and splashes. The 25" height is perfect for desktop and workstation countertops. It is available in 11.75", 23.75" and 35.75" widths. The larger-sized Splash Shield sneeze guard is also available to keep your desk clean.


10.What type of plastic sneeze guards should I use for my store checkout or retail POS register?


Our screw mounted clear acrylic barriers are designed for use in store checkout aisles, POS cashiers or customer service counters. It acts as a transparent baffle to help maintain social distancing and avoid physical contact. The 35.5" height matches perfectly with standard countertop heights and is available in a variety of widths to provide optimal coverage in high-traffic areas. There is an entry hole option that measures 14" x 10" ideal for handling Payments and Transactions.


11.What type of plastic sneeze guards can be hung from the ceiling?


Our hanging plastic sneeze guards are ideal for reception areas such as cash registers, service desks, and counters. Available in two sizes, 31.5" x 29.5" for smaller countertops and 31.5" x 47.5" for larger countertops. Larger versions can be installed vertically or horizontally to fit your space. Our hanging shields have rounded corners for safety and can be hung from grid ceilings using the included hardware.


12.What are plastic sneeze guards on the table - table dividers?


Our table dividers are a great way to partition a table into 4 or more isolated seating areas. Clear acrylic construction allows for face-to-face interaction while maintaining physical separation. Multiple plastic sneeze gurad of table dividers can be connected to create different configurations for larger conference tables.


13.What are vertical plastic sneeze guards - floor-standing barrier or shield?


Our floor-standing clear plastic sneeze guards serve as a physical barrier between customers and staff. It is floor-standing and does not require permanent installation. Floor barriers can be placed in high-traffic areas to help maintain social distancing. Choose from 3 widths: 24.7", 36.7", 48.7" to suit your needs.


14.What are the features of your plastic sneeze guards products ?


  • No tools or drilling required
  • Detachable for easy transport and storage
  • Overall construction includes acrylic shield and base
  • Made of clear and durable acrylic
  • Easy to clean and organize


15.What is the application of the plastic sneeze guards products ?


Applicable places are:
Restaurant counter
Pharmacy pickup counter
Grocery store cashier
Nail salon and spa
Bank counters
Executive reception



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