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Hard And Reliable Multi-utility Anti Fog Sheets

Anti-fog Technologies suit for Polycarbonate sheet, PET die-cut sheet, PMMA sheet, it’s a water-washable permanent coating. The application is very wild in visor area.Such as medical face shield, industrial personal safety protection face shield, electronics applications, helmet UV protection, Sandblasting helmet replacement and so on.
  • PET Sheet
  • HSQY
  • PET-02
  • 0.25mm
  • 250*330mm or customized
  • Transparent

Product Description

A-PET (Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate) is a thermoplastic sheet which is used for various purposes. It is framed by the expulsion procedure of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) copolymer and thermoplastic polyester. A-PET sheet has a shimmering lucidity and glossary which makes the product glossary. It has great mechanical properties with thermoforming attributes which make it a perfect material for packaging of materials. It has various characteristics as it is useful for making anti-fog face shield or visors etc...

CE Certificate of PET anti-fog sheets for face visors

Product Specifications

PET die-cut sheet                                        
               Width                                             Roll: 110-1280mm Sheet: 915*1220mm/1000*2000mm             
Heat Resistance (Continuous)                                         
Heat Resistance (Short)                                         
Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient                                        
Average 23-100℃, 60*10-6m/(m.k)                                        
Combusti Bility (UL94)                                         

Bibulous Rate (23℃ water soak for 24 hours)                             

Bending Tensile Stress                                         
Breaking Tensile Strain                                         
The Tensile Modulus of Elasticity                                         
Normal Strain Compressive Stress (-1%/2%)                            
Gap Pendulum Impact Test                                        

Product Features

1.High chemical stability,fine anti-fire,super-transparent,
2.Highly UV.stabilized,good mechanical properties,high hardness and strength,
3.The sheet aslo has well aging resistance,good self-extinguishing property and reliable insularity,
4.Moreover the sheet is waterproof and has very good smooth surface,and is non deformable.
5.Application:chemical industry,oil industry,galvanization,water purification equipments, environment protection equipments,medical appliance and so on.
6.important item: the sheet anti-stastic,anti-UV,anti-sticky 

Product Application

1.PET is a non-toxic and degradable environmentally friendly material. It is widely used in the Packages,Sign,Advertisement,Print ,Construction And So on.
2.PET is widely used for the external packing of different kinds of products because of the good transparent.
3.PET can be processed into trays of different shapes by vacuum thermal forming for food packaging, medical packaging, medical instrument packaging and electronics packaging.
4.PET can be formed into different kinds of shapes by molds, which can be made into covers for clothes packing.
5.PET can be cut into small pieces and used for packing of shirts or crafts.
6.PET can be used for offset printing, box window, stationery and so on.

1535947527_1609881207PET Die cut Sheet1



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