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PVC Film For Lampshade
PVC Film For Lampshade
PVC Film For Lampshade
PVC Film For Lampshade
PVC Film For Lampshade
PVC Film For Lampshade
Our PVC lampshade film is widely used for table lampshade, wall mount lampshade, ceiling lampshade and so on. The material is waterproof, oil-resistance, anti-corrosion, acid-proof and non toxic.
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Product Detail
PVC Lampshade Film

Size by roll: Width <=1500 mm ( matt surface )     Width<= 1300 mm ( grain sufrace)
Thickness:0.3mm / 0.4mm /0.5mm
Density::1.42 g/cm^3
Color : white / creamy white / creamy yellow

Prouduct Range:
 Sizebyroll  Width <=1500mm(mattsurface)
 Thicknessbysheet    0.3mm/0.4mm/0.5mm
density   1.42g/cm^3
color   various

• High chemical stability, fine anti-fire, super-transparent.
• High UV. Stabilized, good mechanical properties, high hardness and strength.
• well aging resistance, good selfextinguishing property and reliable insulativity.
• waterproof and has very good smooth surface, and is non deformable.
• Certificate: SGS, RoHS. Not contain 6p.
• Important item: The sheet anti-stastic, anti-UV, anti-sticky


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