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  • There are 4 PVC blister packaging production lines in HSQY Plastic Group, our daily capacity is 55 tons per day. HSQY PLASTIC can make different types of PVC blister packaging materials products, such as PVC blister rigid sheet for pharmacy grade, medical PVC blister sheet, pharma packaging PVC blister packaging sheet, pharmaceutical grade PVC film for blister packaging. HSQY PLASTIC can also provide customized printing services.
    HSQY PLASTIC has cooperated with thousands of customers around the world, especially in South-East Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America, achieving around 30, 000, 000 USD sales amount and exporting over 800 containers each year.




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1. What is PVC blister packaging?


The use of rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC pharmaceutical rigid sheet ) as a means of protecting drugs has been established for many years. PVC blister packaging sheet is used in PTP Al/plastic packaging to provide consumers with a wide range of benefits such as product visibility, barrier, and mechanical protection, ease of use, and adaptability. Polymer monolayer polyvinyl chloride films PVC blister packaging are commonly used in less demanding applications such as small tablets and superficial tablets. The copolymer grade PVDC is recommended for more demanding applications such as large tablets (Drugs with high moisture absorption). To solve requirements such as product performance and protection, such as childproof packaging and UV protection products, PVC sheets can provide suitable solutions.

HSQY PLASTIC specializes in offering high-quality PVC rigid sheets for pharmacy grade and medical PVC blister packing sheets to any specifications that our clients desire, set to professional industry standards. HSQY PLASTIC has manufactured medical PVC sheets for a variety of customers.

2. What are the advantages of PVC blister packing for pharmacy grade?


(1)Strong and lightweight

PVC's abrasion resistance, lightweight, good mechanical strength, and toughness are key technical advantages for its use in building and construction applications.

(2)Easy to install

PVC can be cut, shaped, welded, and joined easily in a variety of styles. Its lightweight reduces manual handling difficulties.


PVC has been a popular material for construction applications for decades due to its physical and technical properties which provide excellent cost-performance advantages. As a material it is very competitive in terms of price, this value is also enhanced by the properties such as its durability, lifespan, and low maintenance.

(4)Safe material

PVC is non-toxic. It is a safe material and a socially valuable resource that has been used for more than half a century. It meets all international standards for safety and health for both the products and applications for which it is used.

(5)Fire resistant

Like all other organic materials used in buildings, including other plastics, wood, textiles, etc., PVC products will burn when exposed to a fire. However, PVC products are self-extinguishing, i.e. if the ignition source is withdrawn they will stop burning. Because of their high chlorine content PVC products have fire safety characteristics, which are quite favorable. they are difficult to ignite, heat production is comparatively low and they tend to char rather than generate flaming droplets.


The physical properties of PVC allow designers a high degree of freedom when designing new products and developing solutions where PVC acts as a replacement or refurbishment material.



3. What are the benefits of PVC blister packing material?


PVC(Polyvinyl chloride) and PVDC(polyvinylidene chloride) blister packing materials are used in pharmaceuticals as primary blister packaging materials, which protect the pharmaceutical products against oxygen and odor permeation, moisture and water vapor transmission, and microbial attack.

PVC blister packing film is called rigid PVC blister packing sheet because it is almost free of softening agents and plasticizers. Without plasticizers, PVC blister packing sheet offers a structural rigidity and the physical protection for the pharmaceutical dosage form. The blister cavity must remain accessible by the push-through effect and the formed web may not be too hard to collapse when pressed upon. That is why PVC blister packing sheet thickness is typically chosen between 200µ to 300µ depending on the cavity size and shape.

PVC blister packing material is a very clear, stiff material with a low WVTR. It exhibits excellent thermoformability, a high flexural strength, and good chemical resistance. Also, PVC blister packaging material has low permeability to oils or fats, flavoring ingredients, easy instability, and low cost. These properties make rigid PVC the material of choice for blister packaging, and it essentially has 100% of the market for plastic components. PVC films that are thermoformed have a thickness of about 10 mils. The main disadvantages are the poor barrier against moisture ingress and oxygen ingress; moreover, PVC has a negative environmental connotation due to its chlorine content and highly toxic dioxins.

Most PVC blister packaging sheets for pharmaceutical are 250µm or 0.250 mm in thickness. Typical values for the Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) of a 250µm PVC film are around 3.0g/m2 per day measured at 38°C/90%RH and the Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) is around 20 cc/m2/day. In order to overcome the lack of barrier properties of PVC film, it can be coated with PVDC or laminated to PCTFE or COC to increase the protective properties. Multi-layer blister films based on PVC blister packaging materials are often used for pharmaceutical blister packaging, whereby the PVC blister packaging sheet serves as the thermoformable backbone of the structure. PVC layer can be colored with pigments and/or UV filters.

PVDC provides an excellent barrier to both oxygen and water vapor while most other barrier polymers offer just one or the other. The gas barrier properties are unaffected by relative humidity, so the performance can rely on a wide range of packaging and environmental conditions. All PVC blister packaging products on the market are actually copolymers of vinylidene chloride (VDC) and other comonomers. The relative amount of VDC in the copolymer dictates some key properties. With more VDC, the barrier properties are generally better, with less VDC, flexibility usually improves. However, the amount and type of comonomer, as well as other additives and processing technology used, will influence other properties such as sealing, surface properties, transparency, glossy coefficient of friction, etc. PVDC coatings have been used with duplex (PVDC/PVC) and triplex (PVDC/PE/PVC) structures are the most common ones used. Approximately, 67% of the barrier blister packaging market uses these PVDC-coated films. Typical coating weights(g/m2) used include 40, 60, 90, and 120, with the WVTR for a typical 120g/m2 PVDC-coated PVC film being around 0.16g/m2 at 40℃ and 75% RH.



4.What is the most common thickness of PVC blister packaging film?


200um(200micron, 0.2mm)
220um(220micron, 0.22mm)
250um(250micron, 0.25mm) -- Most of PVC blister packaging products
300um(300micron, 0.3mm)



5.When mentioning PVC blister packaging, what other description vocabulary is there?


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Medical PVC blister packaging sheet
Pharma blister packaging PVC rigid sheet
Pharmaceutical grade PVC film for blister packaging
PVC blister packaging for medicine packing
Rigid PVC blister clear film for pharmacy
Pharmaceutical blister PVC films
Rigid PVC film for pharmaceutical blister
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PVC blister sheets for medical packaging applications
Medical grade plastics PVC blister packaging
Expanded PVC sheet for temporary medical blister packaging
Waterproof medical grade PVC blister packaging sheet in various colors




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