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Do u remember when we are as children read an article? From the great writer lu xun's 《san wei shu wu, that years the kid's desks are old and broken, but those did not affect children’s learning, even some classmates inscribe the words “morning” on the desk in order to motivate myself to study hard, this word can encourage and hint them come to school earlier and study hard.

By contrast, Now our kids are much more happiness, because the desks are new, and in order to protect the children don't accidentally hitting, collision, we also put one layer film of the soft clear PVC desk pad.

Transparent vinyl, thickness 1000 micron, strong material, elastic, flexible, highly electro insulating alcohol and oil resistant, water resistant, heat-resisting, not highly flammable no special transportation requirements.

Wish our kids work hard and improve daily in such a good environment.

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