We are a friendly family from Changzhou Huisu

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We are a friendly family from Changzhou Huisu Qinye Plastic Group, We are professional plastic products producers and sellers, we are also q group enjoy.

Last Friday night ,our group went to Wuxi city to have a picnic-BBQ, how happy we are, we bought foods in packages to make it by ourselves

We are a friendly family from Changzhou Huisu

What makes us take food from one place to another place so easy and the food can still be fresh and eatable?

The answer is one of our main products-PET Sheet for packing. We all know PVC Sheet for packing, do you know a new kind of products which is more eco-friendly , more healthy and more widely used in food packing. From 0.05mm to 0.16mm wide, can be made into box for packing, bottles for water, drinks and food oil etc. And can be used for many times .

Products like the following pictures , would it make your life more convenient? Enjoy life and happiness with those you love, take PET products and you can take food at any time any places and enjoy delicious food whenever you want.

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