Why can't PVC film be used for food packaging?

Friday 08th September 2017 Back to list

PVC can be used for food packaging. It just depends on the formula of the PVC compound. If you have an old PVC recipie, that contains phtalates, like DEHP or DOA, and lead stabilizer, then of course it is not well made for food contact. A new well written recipie will be testet and validated against diffrent foods before beeing approved (by a serious company) There are many ingredienses that has been approved for food contact, like colours, stabilizers and plastizers. (softeners ) A well written recipie, with the right ingrediences should not pose any harm to your health. FDA, and other inspecting agency's (in EU) are checking industry on a regular basis to make sure that the industry do follow the law. In the old days, food was exposed to the air, and oksygen and bacteria made your food dangerous in a short time. Modern methods makes it possible to store food longer. Still, to learn a little about food, and how long you can store it, and how to detect food that you cant eat is something evryone maybe should know a little bit about.

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