Cutting 3mm pvc sheet?

Friday 01st September 2017 Back to list

I am starting a project and will need to be able to cut quite intricate designs into 3mm foamex / acrylic sheets.

The only sources I can find on google state about cutting the sheets from edge to edge, rather than cutting holes in the sheet.

How can I go about cutting a .5mm - 1.2mm rectangle for example?
This is the most intricate piece I will need to cut.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.



Answer:  Mark out the shape you need and run masking tape over the lines to protect the surface.

Drill a hole in the corner of your shape as a starting point,using a fine hacksaw blade slowly cut around the line.

Wrap masking tape around the end of the blade to make it easier to hold.

Hold the edge of the surface being cut firmly down on a hard surface whilst sawing.

You could use a jigsaw but they are a bit overkill for 3mm acrylic.

I know a friend whose company specializes in PVC boards.

If you have any questions, you can consult the following website for further details.

They are willing to help you solve the problem.

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